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Location Country Courses Registered Website
All Nations Christian College Ware United Kingdom 8 www.allnations.ac.uk
All Souls Langham Place London United Kingdom 0 www.allsouls.org
BeaconLight Banstead United Kingdom 1 www.beaconlight.co.uk
Belfast Bible College Dunmurry United Kingdom 7 www.belfastbiblecollege.com
Counties Westbury United Kingdom 1 www.countiesuk.org
Development Learning Shropshire United Kingdom 2
Ichthus Christian Fellowship London United Kingdom 3 www.ichthus.org.uk
International Training Network Christchurch United Kingdom 7 www.itnuk.com
LICC Ltd London United Kingdom 1 www.licc.org.uk
London School of Theology Northwood United Kingdom 10 www.lst.ac.uk
London Theological Seminary London United Kingdom 1 www.ltslondon.org
Mattersey Hall Nr Doncaster United Kingdom 2 www.matterseyhall.com
Moorlands College Christchurch United Kingdom 2 www.moorlands.ac.uk
North Cotes College North Cotes, Grimsby, Lincolns United Kingdom 3 www.northcotescollege.co.uk
Oak Hill College London United Kingdom 3 www.oakhill.ac.uk
ODILS Equip Plymouth United Kingdom 1 onlinetesolcourses.com
One Another Ministries Int'l Cannock, Staffs United Kingdom 0 www.OneAnother.com
Operation Mobilisation (OM) - OM Lifehope Halesowen United Kingdom 2 www.lifehope.om.org
Radio Worldwide Rothwell, Leeds United Kingdom 2 www.radioworldwide.org/courses
Redcliffe College Gloucester United Kingdom 9 www.redcliffe.ac.uk
SEAN International Sinsheim United Kingdom 16 www.seaninternational.com
TeachBeyond Nottinghamshire United Kingdom 1 www.teachbeyond.org
The Missionary Training Service Dorchester United Kingdom 5 www.missionarytraining.org
Tilsley College N Lanarkshire United Kingdom 3 www.tilsleycollege.com
World InNeed Crowborough United Kingdom 3 worldinneed.co.uk
Wycliffe UK / Redcliffe College Gloucester United Kingdom 16 www.redcliffe.org/courses/linguistics-translation-and-literacy